Opening remarks

By District Judge Kelly

Principles for practice

By Ms Morag McClurg

Criminal Investigation and Safeguarding Children

By Detective Superintendent Declan Daly

Child and Family Agency - Roles, Responsibilities, Processes and Challenges - Responding to Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

By Ms Bridgeen Smith

The Impact of Sexual Abuse on the Developing Child -Implications for Disclosure

By Ms Anne Morrison

CASATS - Medical examinations - who/what/where/when/how

By Dr Joanne Nelson

Safety planning for children post-disclosure and considerations for children with disabilities

By Dr Maeve Mongaoang

Legal considerations - for civil and criminal proceedings

By Ms Natalie McDonnell

Messages from Research - "What Helps Children Tell"

By Dr Rhonda Turner & Dr Rosaleen McElvenny

Messages from Research - "study of adult survivors story"

By Mr Joe Mooney

Closing remarks

by District Judge Kelly